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PROMO Price: ¥998  a month!

If purchased, your initial payment will be ¥6,830 and next month, the bill will be ¥2,944 (good for 3 months). After 1 year, your bill will be back to the original ¥1,487 per month.

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  • Activation fee (First Month only)
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1 GB per month without SMS

For those who want to use internet data only, we recommend this plan

  • The SIM card is compatible with any SIM-free, unlocked or docomo mobile devices

This SIM card is MULTI sized so it is compatible with devices such as smartphones and tablets

  • Upon fully consuming the 1GB high-speed data, users can still access internet but with speed of up to 200 kbps until the end of the month (it refreshes every 1st of the month)